And the Winner is Mr. Tobago - Donelle Job


Aye allyuh!!! Donelle win!! Mr. Tobago…Mr cocky himself took it home…..The first male Digicel Rising Star and the second winner from our sister isle, Congrats hun it was a well deserved win. Now what I want to macco/see/hear is whether or not this 10% of your winnings you promised will really go to “one special child” in an orphanage…remember is you that promise the public that eh or was it marketing gimmicks, playing with emotions…Boy, I really hope not! This is how I feel with no apologies, Afiya’s performances were not winning performances, if the final performances were the determining factor in deciding the winner, Donelle would have won it still! There I said it!

Whey……Junior Don came out with a vengeance boy!! Allyuh eh see that trio performance? “I’m Alive” was Junior’s time to shine…he chantttttttttt…..just how I wanted to see him for so long. I love this song..great job guys and excellent performance Junior Don.

Now on to the performances (last time I started with Donelle so this time Afiya going first)

Afiya Athill – The $60 000.00 Cinderella!

“Lord you are Holy” by Helen Baylor – During this performance Afiya was a little out of breath and horse as usual. I felt as though this song selection did not give her an opportunity to showcase her vocal ability. Afiya your dress code was on point as usual; absolutely gorgeous brown dress, flowing, elegant but it did not mask the fact that you did not deliver 100% :-( Great diction but the performance just did not do anything much to me.

“Missing Generation” by Ella Andell – Ummm a little off in the beginning and I am sure that I was not the only person who heard a couple offkey notes….Afiya were the low notes too hard to stoop to? You worked the stage much more in this performance and the song was transformed into your interpretation which I appreciated…This one was much better than the first performance.

“Stronger” by Mary J Blige – This performance was executed with more feelings and emotions..much more entertaining and I think it was a true representation of you. Glenda Collens keeps saying that you are a fighter and a strong I guess if that is the truth then this is your song. This performance was extremely beautiful and touching…very close to pore-raising. Loved the Cinderella Black Dress Ms. Athill!

Hi Mr. Tobago, Mr. $100, 000.00…guess what? It is your turn now!

“Beauty for Ashes” by Crystal Lewis – Donelle from the time you stepped out on stage the vibes was there. It was a vocally flawless performance although there was a low energy point but it was hard to absolute beautiful and appropriate opening song. :-)

“Love is you” by Daniel Winans – You love the Winans ent? You do their renditions so beautifully. More vibes…more fire…you looked so comfortable and I appreciated that. Another vocally flawless rendition, for me this was one of your most engaging performances; very warm, very loving performance.

“Giving Back” by Donelle Job – Is it safe to say you had Gospel Swag (it is copywritten eh peeps…I own it hmphh). I wonder if any one other than me felt like willy-bouncing for Jesus! The energy level was high, passionate and a really well thought out composition; a catchy song. I also need to add that you looked absolutely smart in every part of your suit throughout the performances. :-)

I am a little sad that the competition is over but I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

I would like to thank Mango Media for the invitation to Blog.

Nicole Phipps you rock! Thank you for welcoming me to the competition and for showing me around during the auditions and allowing me to do and see as much as I wanted to; keep up the great work.

Joanna De-Silva I stole/borrowed so many of you gorgeous photos; Thank you so much! The photos used this week are for then to now purposes....before they were the top 3! :-)

Fellow maccos the comments, oppositions and reactions were greatly appreciate, please continue reading and commenting.

Ah well *sniffs*……gotta find something or someone else to macco.

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  1. gravatar Monifa Mawusi

    Macco this was a great ride. Thank you for getting me caught up in a COMPETITION I had never seen. Your ability to bring this show alive with your diction was greatly appreciated, and to be honest I looked forward to your commentary with such excitement because I was able to capture the essence of the show. Great Job!Can't wait for what you'll be MACCOING for Carnival 2010.

  2. Thank you Monifa and I am glad you followed and real people to macco and real things to see come carnival
    I appreciate that you appreciate the work done.... Blessings all the time..Thank you for the support

  3. gravatar Anonymous

    Thank you macco This is Donelle Job i thank you all for the support and look out for releases soon thank you all so much remember YOU & I "WON" Bless all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. gravatar Anonymous

    Ummm, I must be honest, that i did not like Afiya in the very first show at all!! However, my mind has changed about her, and in my opinion she should have won. That's just from a musical point of view, that with potential, anything is possible. But i must say, that the last show, i was anticipating Erica's performance, and as always, i loved it, and quite frankly, out of the final three, in fact i can go even farther back, the final five, no one could have filled her shoes. The only possible person was Niques, but not even she did it for me, but it was the other 16yr old girl, she should have really won this competition. That is one talented girl! Anyways, congrats to Donelle and Afiya, and... well.... 'Junior Don' should try to strive in some other industry other than the music, at least where vocals are concerned!!

  5. Ure Welcome Donelle and @#4 I think you are speaking about Tiffany....she is exceptionally talented

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