Trini Jacobs is all Grown Up!

With a name like "Trini", and daughter of soca ambassadors Carl and Carol Jacobs, there was no surprise when this young diva hit the stage some years ago pursing a music career. We have heard her sweet voice on collaborations with Machel Montano, Glen Washington, and Beenie Man and was a former front-line vocalist of Roy Cape All stars.

 The once shy Caryl "Trini" Jacobs has made a mark in entertainment industry. The Entertainment Macco, got a chance to up close and personal with Trini. Yes we get to Macco her businesss......!!

Photo Courtesy Trini Jacobs  
Photography: Kerron Riley
Stylist: Kim Lee-Inniss

Entertainment Macco: Who is Trini Jacob?
Trini Jacobs: "Hmmm .. I am .. forever changing. From my personalities to my belief system, sometime I’m sure and sometime I am lost for words."

Entertainment Macco:
What is your sign/horoscope?
Trini Jacobs: "Cancer"

Entertainment Macco: Are you Single/In a relationship/Married?
Trini Jacobs: "Single most of the time ... as of lately"

Entertainment Macco: I know you do not have any children but do you plan on having any?
Trini Jacobs: "I am in the process of preparing to pop one out ;) ... you maccos"
Entertainment Macco: LOL.......*holding stomach* 

Entertainment Macco: Is the name “Trini” any part of your given name? If not how did the name come about (other than the fact that you are “trini”)
Trini Jacobs: "It started with my first management team. They were all Jamaicans, I was the only ‘trini’ .. they made errors in spelling my real name incorrectly, so, I was called ’Trini”. I began to participate in TnT’s Carnival and Jacobs was simply added on to “Trini” , in order to connect me with my parents.. Carl and Carol Jacobs"

Entertainment Macco: How difficult was it to break out of you shy on-stage exterior and become the on-stage Trini you are today? (Yes the shyness showed on’s all good though)
Trini Jacobs: "I have no problem admitting how shy I was.. it was a very overwhelming feeling for me. But my experiences with Roy Cape Allstars really prepared me and taught me to be all that I grew to be on stage.. lol .. I still have alot to learn.."
Entertainment Macco: Well....once you are willing to learn you will continue to grow..

Entertainment Macco: It is public knowledge that you are no longer with Roy Cape and the Allstars (who doh know that by now living under a rock) are you happy with this decision?
Trini Jacobs: "Ummm, no. I was not ready to leave Roy Cape Allstars, I did put all my information and trust in the musical director of the band at that time, and he really made a mess as to what information he chose to give or share with the rest of the crew. This caused a whole misunderstanding and unfortunately I was fired. At the end of it , all that really mattered to me at the time was that Roy Cape himself (papi) knew that I would never willingly disrespect him, his name or his establishment. Life has moved us on.. But these were things I never got to tell him , simply because I never got a professional opportunity to speak on my behalf.. I’ve had a great year last year and a very interesting one this year(2010). I wish them all the best. I say thank you, for all the experiences and keep ‘doing yuh do’ P.S. Roy Cape Allstars is still one of my favourite sounding bands... the best actually... "

Entertainment Macco: Would you like to confirm or deny rumours that you were fired?
Trini Jacobs: "I was FIRED!!!!! Lmao ( i can laugh now) .. but had some real unsure times last year, but GOD is great!!

Entertainment Macco: I have been watching you and I am impressed with how you have grown as an artiste but what I am more impressed with is your image…you took it up a notch ent? Who or what is responsible for this drastic change?
Trini Jacobs: "I have opened my eyes to what fashion is now and I never limit myself or have fears about my stage image. Once I am comfortable within myself and I feel good.. It’s ‘on!!!’ I love fashion because it constantly changes and it never has to make sense."

Entertainment Macco: Do you think if your parents were not heavily involved in music that you would have pursued it as a career?
Trini Jacobs:"Well I can sing and I do love the sound of music. So it’s something that I know, based on my passion for music, which I would have ventured into regardless. My parents showed us how to manage and deal with the ups and downs of the business. We; my siblings and I, got first hand experiences from the hypocrites to the hypocrisies of the industry. We were taught to stay grounded and keep the love for music and the passion to create this music alive, regardless of the situation."
Entertainment Macco: SMH @ Hyprocrites and Hypocrisies

Entertainment Macco: I heard that you and are mom are really close…Is it that you share everything with her or there are stuff that you hide?
Trini Jacobs: "I can share and discuss everything with my mother. It doesn’t matter .. lol .. we talk about everything from sex, politics, religion or bachannal."
Entertainment Macco: Aunty Carol (I hope she does not mind me calling her that...) is a kewl mommy I see...

Entertainment Macco: What is your biggest turn on in the opposite sex? That one thing that does make you go da da dammmmn!!
Trini Jacobs: "I can’t say that here...... It’s not a PG13 answer.."
Entertainment Macco:Well you know this is not a PG13 blog right? lol But i have a feeling the response is

Entertainment Macco: What is the weirdest/funniest thing a man has ever done to get your attention/interest?
Trini Jacobs: "lol .. being Trini Jacobs, men do and say alot of crazy things. There’re so many that it keeps my line of work very amusing."

Entertainment Macco: When you were/are looking for a mate do/did u look for someone in the industry or out of the industry & why?
Trini Jacobs: "If I found a soul mate within the industry, it would have been nice. My life and the things that I have to do would have been easier understood. But out the industry is perfectly fine, once the chemistry, respect and love is there.."

Entertainment Macco: What is your idea of a perfect date? Create a picture for the maccos please :-)
Trini Jacobs: "I don’t know .. I love surprises. I’m very spontaneous and I’m not sure what a ‘perfect date’ is. Once I’m happy, smiling and comfortable with what’s going on. It’s perfect .. just keep me guessing."

Entertainment Macco: Are you a full-time artiste or do you hold down an 8-4 job?
Trini Jacobs: "8-4?? Uhhh no! Actually I love animals and I intend to do school part time, so that I can be Trini Jacobs and Dr. Jacobs .. Veterinary medicine that is."
Entertainment Macco: Ahha...I think I can see you in that field.... :-)

Entertainment Macco: In your industry what is your biggest pet peeve…that one thing that does real stress you out and send your pressure level up?
Trini Jacobs:"Hypocrisy used to really get to me, but I see around it now."

Entertainment Macco: What do you usually do when you are not recording/performing?
Trini Jacobs: "I’m and my hobbies."

Entertainment Macco: If you were not involved in music what do you think you would be doing?
Trini Jacobs:"On some billionaires yacht, sailing away somewhere..."
Entertainment Macco: *Chokes* Haha....Keep them coming Trini...keep 'em coming

Entertainment Macco: What is your best attribute, or have been told is?
Trini Jacobs: "How well I function under pressure."

Entertainment Macco: If there was one thing you could change about your physical features what would it be and why?
Trini Jacobs: "My nail polish, simply because every colour does not match.. duh!!"
Entertainment Macco: lmaoooooooooooooooooo Stop it.. *puts on serious face*

Entertainment Macco: What is your irresistible temptation?
Trini Jacobs: "Arabian food and a fine man."
Entertainment Macco: *High five @ Fine man...."

Entertainment Macco: What is your absolute favourite possession, one that you find it so hard to part with?
Trini Jacobs: "Hmmm will have to say, I don’t know!"

Entertainment Macco: What is your personal credo?
Trini Jacobs: "How much patience I have."

Entertainment Macco: The person you admire the most and why?
Trini Jacobs: "GOD and Beyonce. They’re everything i wish to be in different ways."
Entertainment Macco: Interesting....

Entertainment Macco: For Carnival 2010 although you were not seen much, I recognized that your style of music has changed a bit, what caused this?
Trini Jacobs:"I don’t know. I was inspired and I wrote to suite.. It’s only my second year writing my own music. Can be a bit tricky at times."
Entertainment Macco: I am sure you will figure it out soon enough....perfect the craft.....

Entertainment Macco: When you die, what memory would you like to leave behind?
Trini Jacobs:"I want to be remembered as a woman who loved her life, loved her craft, loved her family dearly, very happy at heart and regardless of the degree of the external success, her main love was for simply being alive, healthy and capable".

Entertainment Macco: I know there are real life maccos out there, how do you keep your personal life off the streets and separate from you business life?
Trini Jacobs: Now why will I tell you all the secret to that???
Entertainment Macco: Here we go you Trini!! :-)

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    Great Interview Trini. I was wondering how she leave Roy Cape just so.

  2. I enjoyed this :) good reading

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    Trini definitely all grown up talking about x rated LOL but i wish her luck in her career.

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    Easy Trini.........great interview mamma!

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    I want a taste of Trini Jacobs wine!

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    Girl you do not need Roy Cape All Stars you was born a Natural Star.
    I am sure is Lady Blaxx tear you down. Such a nasty dog.......
    By the way great interview.

  7. Just love this interview. Heard her new release for 2016 on WACK 90.1FM and had to learn more about her. She is fantastic would love to have her do my annual Boston Carnival Village Jouvert cruise. #bostoncarnivalvillage

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